anniversary (2010) By Request


8 Year Anniversary Of The Release Of “By Request”

September 30, 2002

Many of Renee’s fans, who have her Self-Titled 2004 CD and “Skylark”, released in 2009,
also have “By Request” released 8 years ago today, on September 30, 2002.
For fans not familiar with the CD, “By Request” was created to commemorate Renee’s
performances with the “Eddie Reed” big band, at clubs, in the Los Angeles area.
As the title suggest, these were the most requested songs, at these performances.
It was after listening to “By Request” that David Foster decided to produce Renee’s later
CD’s. Several of the songs on “By Request” were included in the 2004 CD.
Unfortunately, there are no videos of Renee performing, at that time.
We do have videos using the audio from “By Request”.
So give a listen and hear a very young Renee sing the song that started it all, “At Last”!



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