6th Anniversary (2010) – Renee sings Summertime on Still Standing


Six years ago, on May 24th 2004 an important event in Renee’s career happened.
To the surprise of “Still Standing” fans, Renee showed the TV world her amazing
vocal talent!
After a hint, at the beginning of the final episode of the second season, Renee let
loose with a killer version of “Summertime”, in a dream sequence, at the end of
the episode.
Many had the reaction that “it couldn’t be her”. But after searching led to Renee’s
website, they found that not only was it Renee singing, but that her self-titled CD
was being released the next day! You can vote here for your favorite song.
That CD was #5 on the Billboard Jazz Chart
for 2004! Only Harry Connick Jr. and Diana Krall finished ahead of Renee!
So let’s look back, with this video, at that memorable telecast!