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  1. Sure would love it if the talented Renee would come to KU or even Kansas City. The univ has Lied Center would be fantastic. I’m early 60’s and run a lot. she’s a must-have on the playlist. what a songbird, aces at getting me up that hill so Thanks for the Boogie Ride, Renee Olstead and please, please please, play a date at Kansas Univ or the KC area. That would be the swellest thing since ever.

  2. When the gorgeous Ms. Genevieve landed the Playboy cover, i knew Renee would give her a shout on her Official page. The primary response. “When are YOU going to be in Playboy?” was expected as well. Let me go on the record that Renee should pass on a pictorial, but perhaps do a cover. Am I a prude? Nope. Would I buy that hypothetical issue? Yep.The fact is, however, that Gia Genevieve is a model, while Renee is a wonderful singer and underrated actress as well as a pin-up model of the old school. “Playboy” tends to trump other things on a resume’,and Renee’s music and acting should not be overshadowed.

  3. Trying to find a copy of Christmas in Love by Rene, anyone know where I can buy a copy, I’ve tried Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, Martiniinthemorning,?

  4. @bestsoccers You cannot buy it. Maybe you can extract it from the video here or from here

  5. Stefan, my response to question #2 of the current contest keeps getting rejected but I know it’s right. I have tried the full names of the songwriters and their stage names. Help?

  6. I had a lot of work to make my flash-version of the new contest, but try the html-Version (multiple choice). It’s easier 😉

  7. What has been germinating with the career of Renee Olstead-King is so exciting to fans of fairly long standing. Her music keeps gaining new listeners (the CD market is unfortunately weak), her modeling (see today’s fanclub post) puts her with the most compelling models out there, and her film career has exploded in the last couple of years. My Pinterest board for Renee reads “should be WAY better known”,,,may not be appropriate much longer…

  8. As the holidays approach. I would like to wish everyone a very happy season. Don’t know how long I have been using this forum,but the explosion in Renee’s career makes me so happy-today Maxim bestowed a “Hot 10” rating. Bout damn time! In her interview, Renee lists Miss Mosh as her #1 girl crush, just one more reason to love her. I am babbling, I know, but Renee’s success is no accident, as we in this club have are very aware.

  9. I am a new fan of Renee Olstead. I plan on buying every album she has. I want her to keep putting out albums. I don’t see enough. I hope you can read me Renee. Please put out more albums singing The Great American Songbook. The standards. Be Michael Buble’s counterpart. I want more. What is going on with your record company? Please tell them you want an album every year. I want your discography to be many albums. You are very talented. Hugs always.