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  1. WOW, that’s a great new Site for Renee. Love it.

  2. Hi, Stefan, this is Todd form the message board. I like the way you redid your website, and in English might I add. I hope you can give as much info about Renee as we’d like and hope this site is successful

  3. Congratulations to all involved in the running of this site – it’s certainly the best and most up to date site dedicated to the one and only Renee Olstead. Can’t wait to see it continue to develop and grow right along Renee’s career.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Great ! How does someone access the Exclusive Stuff?

  5. New users must be approved by the admin before they will
    have access to the “Exclusive Stuff”, it can take a while,
    please be patient.

  6. Just heard the interview and loved every minute of it. I am also glad that Renee is working on a new album and i hope we can be more understanding if it takes a lot of time. Stefan, please keep us posted on when it will come out.

  7. I am a 49 year old woman who sings jazz and blues in Indianapolis, Indiana. I love your style and vocal range. If you ever get to the midwest email me so I can see your performance. Stay classy and God Bless!

  8. I have enjoyed the videos from the Hotel Cafe show and Renee does great renditions of those songs. I believe she should consider releasing those songs either on her next album, or better yet, a deluxe EP ala Michael Buble’s “Hollywood” deluxe EP.

  9. Great phone interview from July this year – thanks for posting.

    Despite her success, Renee seems so grounded and appreciative of her fans – not many celebrities would give up an hour of their time to do this type of interview. So refreshing.

    Let’s hope that the new album is coming along well and that she continues to achieve whatever she sets out to do. She is truly one of the most talented performers around.

  10. Nice work Stefan (and anyone else involved) in organizing the first competition for the Fan Club. Keep up the fantastic work and best wishes to you for the continued success in supporting one of the most talented, yet underrated, artists.

  11. I don’t know if it is by design or by admin choice, but member accounts on this fan site only allow the average member to read posts on the discussion board not post. That kinda defeats the purpose. A discussion forum where only the administrators can discuss? No worries, you guys can have your private club.

  12. no! you are welcome to post here, but all posts need to be approved first, to protect this site against spam and dubious content

  13. You know, I would like to know if Renee is working on her next album. Can’t wait to see what it’s like!

  14. where in the heck are the music lovers. good god almighty, there hasn’t been a voice this powerfull in a long time. at the moment i am listening to ‘by request’ and i gotta say, judy ain’t got nothing on ms. olstead.

  15. Hi glad to see this won’t get posted until approved.
    I really love Renee’s voice and her arrangement of Summertime!
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    Rather disappointed that it wasn’t very close to her arrangement.
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  16. I’m really enjoying this site. Renee is such a beautiful, talented singer and actress.

  17. Great bluesy single! I new there was a reason I kept checking back in this site.

  18. Renee’s Chart List is a thing of beauty. Billie, Oscar, Anita, and Ms. Etta are part of my life, and Brazilian music is wonderful. I will seek out the stuff a geezer like me does not know, with a mental reservation on Queen. Best to y’all.

  19. I would like to add praise for “Lady in Satin” the only record Renee O. has twice in her list. Billie’s record was criticized for years for the arrangements, and only recently has started to get its props. If you frequent this site and care at all about jazz and pure honest emotion, please check it out. If you are capable of being moved, you will be. Bless Ms. O for her championing this music and much love for the music you are making in the studio these days.

  20. Let me voice unqualified fan support for admin comment #12. Some of the unrestrained sites tend to focus on graphic descriptions of Ms. O’s pulchritude. While entirely accurate, these comments tend not to be very edifying. Thank you for this site, and thank you for spelling assist.

  21. Today I belatedly read Ms. O’s Huffington Post piece on her adolescence. The image of the 15-year old waiting for a birthday phone call from her dad made me emotional, as I am sure it did for many others. Thanks to Renee for her courage and honesty, and for the love she shows in her life, acting, and music.

  22. Congrats to Stefan, the fans, and especially Ms. O for the #1 ranking of “She’s Got Your Name” on the Pop Jazz Charts. The anticipation for the new album is high, but enjoy this, everyone. I wish more fans would avail themselves of this forum. Hopefully, my contributions will continue to be useful.

  23. As we approach the tenth anniversary of the premiere of “Still Standing” and the news of Ms. O’s success in the classroom, I remember watching that first episode and knowing I was looking at a special talent-and at that time I didn’t even know she could sing! There in a nutshell is why we have so enjoyed the last ten years. Your fans are proud of you and love you very much.

  24. In the last week, local law enforcement uncovered a sex trafficking ring in the small Iowa community that I call home. This is a very real stain on human society that few are aware of. I should also like to point out that while there is a huge amount of coverage of the foibles of “celebrities” there is literally none when it concerns the heroic work done by Ms. Olstead and many others. Proud to be following, folks.

  25. wats up im just a kid from elmhurst queens down the block from white castle

  26. So, #Imposters. How does one plan to see this web series? How many segments are there? When would Ms. O’s segment(s) appear? Looks interesting, and the private school uni is a classic that Ms. O totally rocks, on set or off.

  27. I am sorry to hear today about the cancellation of “Secret Life of the American Teenager” after its fifth season. Like most of Ms. O’s fans, I always felt her part should have been expanded a bit, but the show offered an alternative to the sitcom/cop show/reality casserole on television currently. Ms. Olstead brought her usual grace, humor, and love to the role of Madison. Best wishes in the future to all the cast and crew.

  28. I would like to send out a thank-you to Ms. O (and Mr. King) for giving us behind-the-scenes images of the NYC gig. It was for an absolutely beautiful cause, and gave us a chance to feel part of what must have been a very special night. Add to that the impending release of the John Daversa record, and this has been a very nice day. Thanks again.

  29. Just ran into Miss Olstead’s CD at the San Jose, Califas library. To quote
    Jim Carrey “Smoke’n!”. Does the Miss plan to appear magically up North?
    If so, when?

    Andrew Ramirez

  30. Uh, what type of moderation?

    Andrew Ramirez

  31. be patient, please. I cannot sit in front of my computer the whole day 😉

  32. Just now I visited the old Renee website, with the faint hope that I could expunge my blog, which was, as I recall, mostly whiny requests for more music from Ms. O. Imagine my delight when I found the whole blog had “gone away”! I think we’re all doing better now. By the way, I practice moderation and appreciate it in others. Many thanks again, Stefan and all.

  33. The site is very nice. The videos and images in one place are sweet, and the Q and A feature is a wonderful idea. Got a 🙂 from Ms, O which pleased me no end. Actually, I was gonna ask Ms. O to marry me, but Marlon beat me to it.Thanks again.

  34. With the election now history, I was looking at the Buzznet galleries, finding myself so proud of Ms, O’s election night tweets and feeling an odd sense of loss regarding blonde hair. This from me, for whom fans’ obsession over hair color provides almost as much irritation as folks who don’t know the meaning of the word “faux”. Thanks Ms. O, for letting us join in some election night joy. That’s all right, angel, we’ll always have the EP photo shoot…

  35. Ms. O has done it again. Being from Iowa, I was of course aware of Ms. Bettie Page, but not of the clothing stores that bear her name. I could not recall an image of Bettie Page IN a dress, a result I suppose of my misspent youth in comic shops. When Ms. O tweeted that she “wanted to be a Bettie Page model” my interest was piqued. Well, the wardrobe is gorgeous, but like MotelRocks, Ms. O takes clothes that look nice on others and makes them truly memorable. A lovely Noir tale could be fashioned(ha) from any of the images I have seen thus far. To use a suitably Bettie Pageish retro response: Jeepers!

  36. Many thanks to Mr. Rohinsky for his lovely concert review. I hope other fans will use this forum to share their impressions. I was curious about the on-stage eyewear, glad to know there was no eye problem involved. I found Ms. O’s pre-gig nerves, well, adorable. Had Ms. O done “The Very Thought Of You” before? Gorgeous. Ira Rohinsky also demonstrated that we all care about hair color, whether we admit it or not(see #34).

  37. Trying to find a copy of Christmas in Love by Rene, anyone know where I can buy a copy, I’ve tried Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, Martiniinthemorning,?


  38. Just want to take a moment to extend my holiday wishes to all who administer or follow the fan club site. My first post was last July, but I have been over the moon for Ms. O for much longer than that, and this last year has been special, and the next one should be even better, which would be no less than someone with the talent, beauty, brains, and heart and soul of Renee Olstead deserves. I agree with sammygs-“Christmas in Love” should be in at least as many music outlets as Buble, Maybe next year. Happiest of Holidays to all.

  39. Looking at Ms. O’s Facebook page, apparently there is renewed controversy about the change in look for 2013. Anyone who has been kind enough to read my previous posts knows how I feel, and I understand we can all get caught up in the images Ms. O shares with us. For all who have snarkish comments about hair, make-up or wardrobe, I make this recommendation: Look at the many images on this fan club site, which encompasses Ms.O from age 18 (and before) to now. They all represent Renee Olstead as I have always known her, and I love them all. We all have our favorites, but negativity-I personally find the creative toolkit Ms. O brings to the party stimulating. Thank you.

  40. It was a long winter, and I have not contributed for months. For Ms. O, the spring brought her engagement.for which I offer congratulations. The absence of the hoped-for new record is a downer. but the CD business is shaky, and I hope there are no behind-the-scenes legal issues that prevent us from holding a disc in our paws soon. In the meantime, new listeners appear to be popping up all the time, and I am constantly amazed by Ms. O’s ability to make each photo shoot more memorable than the last. Never been one better than you, sweetie.

  41. Thanks for making this site available to Renee’s fans. It is an invaluable place to find out all the new info. But can someone please let us know when and where we can get her new album? I understand with the launch of her new record label,, she’s been very busy. But we’re dyin out here. Throw us a bone Renee. Thanx -M-

  42. Ms. O has been very productive-photo shoots and concert appearances made the summer go quickly. Then came “Sleepwalk” a song I wasn’t aware had lyrics-I knew the Santo and Johnny version-and the first music video for Renee in a while-an artform suited well for her. Then comes “Work Mom”. I would normally feel that the last thing we need is another sitcom. Believe I’ll make an exception for this one. Congratulations, sweetheart I know you’ll knock ’em out.

  43. Like to wish everyone a safe, happy Thanksgiving. Saw Haim (?) on SNL and they weren’t bad-Ms. O would have been better, but I get the audience the show plays to. I have also enjoyed Ms. O’s shared photos-Mr. King is very lucky, so lucky in fact that he could work on another expression.

  44. Like many of the fans, I find myself a bit at sea over Ms. O’s new relationship with Playboy, although we know of her cover collection. What to wish for? With a new series in the works (hopefully) I think the nicest outcome in terms of coverage by the magazine would be championing her music (which its festival has already done) a cover shoot, and an interview segment. A pictorial might work at cross purposes with her ABC Family relationship. A beautiful, smart woman, I can’t wait to see what’s next, though with Ms. O I always feel that way…

  45. A cautionary tale-A year ago I loaned my copy of Renee’s first Warner Bros. album to a friend who never returned it. This past weekend I found a new copy in a notions store in Kalona, Iowa. It is playing as I type-its like the return of an old friend. There are lessons to be learned from this, the most important being that Renee’s CD’s belong in the collection of every jazz fan on the planet. How hip are these folks in Manila and Indonesia? Kudos to them, and Ms. O ‘s growing fan base everwhere.

  46. I was just listening to an Ella Fitzgerald record from 1945-an obscure song called “That’s The Way It Is” and as well as being transported the way Ella always did, I thought how perfect Renee Olstead would be doing this song-scary how Ms. O can catch the timeless nature of music-but Ella was not any older than Ms. O when she recorded the tune. The fan club interview brought home to me the minefield Ms. O had to travel years ago-not to be seen as a novelty (are you out there, Jackie Evancho) but as an artist who just gets stronger with each hearing. Thanks to Mr. Rohinsky for his questions, and even though the news was not all good(maybe we’ll be able to see “Work Mom” on DVD sometime) the career arc for Ms. O is trending as the jazz musicians used to say-straight ahead.

  47. Just had my first long exposure to “Mad Men” where i saw among other nice things the work of Joel Murray, who played the neighbor on “Still Standing”. It reminded me once again of how brilliant that show was, especially in its regular and supporting cast. That it must be sought out while other lesser shows enjoy huge syndication numbers is baffling. “Two and a Half Men”, with its same plot week after week, is just one example. Ms. O has received nice notices for “Midnight Game” but it seems she has decided to concentrate on music and modeling, two more things she excels at. Sounds like her third album will be yet another artistic stretch, which is why we all love her madly.

  48. Congratulations to Renee Olstead and Tommy King on their recent nuptials. Glad the lovely wedding photo is exclusive to the fan club where we will be spared opinions on hair color (!) and other silliness. Nice, Stefan.

  49. Just finished watching “The Midnight Game” and can happily report that it is a cut above the many similar films that come out each year. Almost no violence, it is a moderately creepy little picture that should not stop Renee (or any of the other cast members) from getting more work. My complaint would be typical-no one, even the stunning Ms. O, look like high school students, although we all know what Ms. O looked like at that age, so maybe that’s unfair. The still of Renee on the box is from a scene that is very brief and very much not needed, but a little bit of bombshell never hurts…

  50. With the excitement for “Unfriended” I realize that Renee has done a nice job of picking little horror pictures that are not bloody nor moronic. The fact that she is a knockout and can play younger does not hurt in this genre either. i wish I lived in LA (especially now) so that I could experience Renee’s music live, but what we do get to hear, plus the new Beatles direction, demonstrates how she continues to grow as an artist.