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  1. Wow! Finally met Renee! Yes after Renee appeared in the Chris Botti concert, in Greenville, SC, on February 16, I was able to talk to her!
    But, first Renee, in the concert. Chris Botti introduced Renee about mid-way in the show. He mention about working with Renee on her first CD and in his concert back in 05. (We all have seen that performance of “Pennies In Heaven!) He also related that Renee had met his band just before the concert, so had very little time for rehearsal. Then Renee came onstage with her glasses on! She joined Chris in “The Look of Love”, including a crowd pleasing Renee scat session with Chris. After this duet, Renee told the audience, as she took off her glasses, that she was so nervous she forgot to take her glasses off before going on stage! Next, Renee joined Chris and guitarist Leonardo Amuedo in a selection, I don’t remember the name of. Renee had to sing in French and she did nicely! Then Chris decided to have Renee join him down in the audience for their last duet, “The Very Thought Of You”. When Renee began first, Chris humorously interrupted saying he was supposed to go first! Definitly not much rehersal time. Renee sang beautifully!
    Meeting Renee after the show was wonderful, though time was short since she had to join Chris in signing autographs and they were leaving right after for their next show in Hilton Head. She greeted me with a hug talked about the show, her hair (it will fade to her natural color), some personal stuff and took a couple of photos. Well that’s it. Really not much to report, other then to thank Renee! She’s a great girl!