How did you discover Renee?Polylooks_338877_file_s

When did you fall in love with her music?

Have you ever seen Renee in Concert?

Tell us your story!

1) Bruno, Switzerland

Sent to us on April 28, 2010

Montreux 2004

…actually I didnt go to the festival for her performance, I had, like many people there that night I think, never heard of Renée before that day, and went to the concert only for The Corrs, who were performing right after her. When Mr. Claude Nobs, the festival manager, introduced her, he was so enthousiast about her, repeating thet she was only 15, that it was her very first date in Europe, and that she was very special. But, he is known to be like that very often, so I must say I didn’t pay much attention and thought “yea, yea, let us hear her and make our own opinion”.

When she came on stage along with the band, I had no idea that I would hear one of the most beautiful voices I heard so far. I dont remember the first song, or the fuil setlist, but I remember the shivers in my spine during 45 minutes, I remember the emotions that went through my head during songs like “summertime”, “midnight at the oasis” or “sunday kind of love”. I remember looking around me, watching other people’s reaction. We all had the same face, mixed with surprise and emotions. “Who is she ? Is she real ?

What a voice, how daring to sing those classics, to make them her own”. After the concert I spoke with other people in the crowd, we were all really “schocked” (in a good way) by what just happened and all thought of having been in a dream. And I think I was not the only one to buy her CD right after the concert, to talk about her with friends and colleagues, who later thanked me and told me they bought her album as well… She is probably the best surprise I had in a concert, and my only wish is to see her on stage again…


Note: Bruno meant to say “Meet Me Midnight”, not “Midnight At The Oasis”.

2) Rodney Pacheco, USA

Sent to us on July 23, 2010

Well I had been super sick and was on the road working with a friend who is a flight attendant. Well We ended up at a Jazz fest (not sure what city it was ) and I heard that she was going to perform that night. I have always been a fan of hers and was one of the first people to buy her CD. Well She sang ” Summertime ” and I like fell in love. Not only is her voice amazing but her stage presence is amazing as well. I am a huge critic and rarely give compliments. You really have to impress me to get my attention. Renee has the ” It ” factor. She can sing, act and the girl is a natural beauty. Its hard to put down in words just how amazing she is Live. I guess you can sum it up by saying ” Seeing Renee Olstead Live is Life Changing “. She has breathed new life into Jazz. She makes it hott again. She had me at the first note. Truly a gift from God.

Yes it was awhile back. I had severe kidney and liver infections and it wasn’t looking to good for me. I already had her CD but I just had to see her Live. I’m telling you, I recovered from being sick and the music that I listened to while in the hospital and in therapy was hers. When I am stressed I just gotta listen to her and life is good. If I ever had the chance to meet her I would say ” Thank you “. You really don’t know how much this girls music has influenced me.

3) Eric Ferraz, USA

Sent to us on July 27, 2010

I discovered her totally by accident at a music store when I saw her self-titled album. I admit that her attractive cover photo grabbed my attention. So I decided to make a blind purchase, and have been a fan of hers since. That genre of music is not easy to perform well, and she does it so effortlessly.

4) Alexis Cala-Legere, USA

sent to us March 21, 2011

Renee at McCallum Theatre, March 19, 2011

Renee’s performance was spectacular. My only complaint is that the concert wasn’t long enough! – I heard a few people saying the same thing as we left – we all wanted more. There are very few artists who sound as incredible live as they do on the radio or on a CD, but she clearly has a talent some singers only dream of. Her vocals were crisp and captivating. And her love of Jazz came through in her performance. The entire band was wonderful. The McCallum was packed. And the playlist included songs from her first and second album. Though I can’t remember them all, she sang some of my favorites, A Love that Will Last, Sunday Kind Of Love, Is You Is Or Is You Aint My Baby, and At Last – which she did beautifully and Etta James would have been very proud of. The audience, including myself, loved her. Everyone clapped until she came back on for an encore. Several people sitting next to us were singing along, dancing in their seats and tapping their feet throughout the concert. Her music is infectious and impossible to listen to without moving or feeling moved.