The Secret Life of the American Teenager

A.K.A “The Secret Life”  or just SLOAT is a family drama television series that focuses on some of the realistic situations of teens and their relationship with family and friends. It primarily deals with the sexual pressures, in high school, and the effects of getting pregnant at a young age. The series premiered on ABC family July 1, 2008. The show reveals that 15-year-old Amy Jergens, a freshman at Grant High School, discovers she’s pregnant after summer band camp, with bad boy Ricky Underwood. Amy’s life gets turned upside-down. Her best friends Madison, unfortunately the class gossip, and Lauren are there to support her. Amy must find out how and when to unveil the news to her potential boyfriend Ben Boykevich. Ricky Underwood on the other hand, is making himself well-known through the halls of their high school for his womanizing skills. He plays by his own rules and often takes interest in the band’s easy girl Adrian Lee. Owning the schools bad girl image, Adrian is just about the perfect pair for Ricky. Her only problem is she wants to get serious with Ricky. Meanwhile, Grace Bowman is the good girl cheerleader, who believes in making wholesome decisions. She and long-time boyfriend Jack Pappas have been going steady for sometime. A devoted Christian, she committed to wait until she gets married before engaging in sex with Jack.

(by Erin Guidry)

Volumes 1-7

Renee talks ‘Secret Life’ Coming To An End

published 10/15/2012

Megan Park, Francia Raisa, and Ken Baumann